Trujillo, a Medieval Town

After Valle del Jerte and Sierra de Gredos, my final visit in the region was to the medieval town of Trujillo (Caceres), one of the many stunning old towns and villages spread all over the Spanish geography.

Trujillo main square (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

Apart from its stunning well-preserved architecture, Trujillo is where two of the most important Spanish conquerors, Francisco Pizarro and Francisco de Orellana, were born. The sculpture of Pizarro on a horse dominates Trujillo’s main square. He conquered Peru while Orellana discovered the Amazon River.

Pizarro sculpture in Trujillo (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

Walking around the old town is going back 500 years. The stone walls of the many imposing palaces show their age.

Medieval arch in Trujillo (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

Medieval palace in Trujillo (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

There is an old castle dominating the town from a hill

Medieval wall with bell in Trujillo (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

and a few stunning churches worth visiting

Church interior in Trujillo (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

Christ inside church in Trujillo (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

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