Sevilla, Passion for Life

One of the most beautiful Spanish cities, Seville is full of history everywhere. Its most iconic buildings are the cathedral with the famous Giralda tower

La Giralda tower over horse carriage in Sevilla (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

… and the Alcazar, the oldest European royal palace still in use, a wonderful example of Mudejar architecture.

Alcazar palace in Sevilla (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

Other notable buildings are Plaza de España, built for the 1929 Exposición Ibero-Americana

Plaza de España in Sevilla (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

Ceramic balaustrade in Plaza España (Sevilla, Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

… and Torre del Oro, built in the 13th century to control access to the city via the Guadalquivir River.

Torre del Oro in Sevilla (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

The Maestranza bullring, one of the most famous in the world, is worth a visit (at least to wonder around it)

 (Carlos Peñalba)

Maestranza bullring red door in Sevilla (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

What makes Seville truly special is its old quarter, full of narrow streets like the old Jewish quarter

Juderia street sign in Sevilla (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

House balcony in Sevilla (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

… and the surrounding areas full of lively bars, restaurants and shops

Colorful traditional Spanish fans (Carlos Peñalba)

Vida street sign in Sevilla (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

Religion plays a big part in the city’s life. Seville has many wonderful churches, and many walls are adorned with all sort of Christs and Virgins

Christ image in Sevilla (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)Image of a virgin in Sevilla (Spain) (Carlos Peñalba)

Semana Santa (Easter’s Holy Week) is a special event in Seville. Thousands of visitors go to the city to witness the numerous processions that take place all around the city.

 (Carlos Peñalba)

 (Carlos Peñalba)

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